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Oh what a beautiful evening it was at Knob Knoster State Park. I am so glad I got myself up from my computer and decided to go for a little photo expedition. Not that it’s too hard, but with gas the way it is, I must weigh my choices. Photography won hands down.

I only had an hour so I went straight to my ole’ faitful spot. I knew the cloud cover was just heavy enough to keep the sensor from easily being overexposed. I also knew the clouds would make for an interesting part of my composition. I wanted to focus again on my pre-visualization skills as Ansel always did. I knew that I needed more than a horizon and sun photo, I wanted to push my own personal envelope.

I walked around the dam of the lake, looking for intriguing subjects. I took some of the horizon, which I will most likely upload at a later time. I was nearing a treeline that borders the lake when I noticed the sunlight became increasingly more intense. The sun was peeking out from the cloud cover! I had to work fast. I knew from previous experiences that light like this does not last long. The color range in the clouds was an awesome background, the lake a spectacular reflector. You can see the wispy clouds in both the sky and the lake. Amazing! I quickly composed what I felt would be an impacting image. I stooped closer to the water with my tripod, I wanted foreground detail. Being that the light was so harsh, I actually used a fill flash in order to retain detail in the foreground. Good thinking right? I thought so. This image was about the only one I was able to make in the less than a minute of spotlighted sunlight. I feel it did a good job of showing the warm evening light.

I shot numerous shots tonight, but this powerful image was my favorite. I only hope that I can convey that power in my images, so that my viewers can feel like they were there with me. I wish all could experience nights like this. Feeling the warmth fade with the sun, seeing the tones of the sky go from blue to orange and then back to a blueish violet, I sit there. I contemplate what my eyes just captured, what my heart felt, and what I can’t wait to share with my viewers. I know its another night that will be thought of on the nights I must study, do homework, or just don’t get out in time. Night is here, the owls are telling me so. The mosquitos are buzzing something in my ear, I am not sticking around to know what they are saying.  I walk back to my car satisfied, feeling many emotions. I know this was a great night, if it were my last, my photos would attest to what I felt. A photograph is in deed worth a thousand words.

Good night for now, I return tomorrow to the Ozarks to fish. Stay tuned.


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