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Waking at 4:00am once is bad enough but doing it two days in a row is when I started questioning my sanity. That is until I stepped out of the vehicle near Deepwater, Mo and looked up at the sky. Having spent the night near Kansas City the previous evening, I witnessed what a lack/addition of light pollution can do to the appearance of the sky. Looking up at the stars above Deepwater, I realized that waking up so early had already paid off. Waiting in the woods for day light, as well as turkeys, I was able to observe nature waking up. First the insects wake, then the small birds begin to fly, and then the turkeys come down from roosting. Along the time the turkeys are waking, so are the gymnasts of the trees: squirrels. This morning I watched as a little squirrel came within a foot of my hunting buddy Kevin. Itwas awesome. Anyways, as I was saying about waking up. It is not easy but definitely worth it. I will be sharing some of the few photos I was able to capture while hunting yesterday and today. Never have I been real successful at photography and hunting both in the same day. But, today I captured both game and images. Enjoy.


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