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Photographing landscapes has become a part of my life. I never walk, drive, or fly somewhere without thinking of the photographic opportunites. I feel that landscapes should simply be depictions of beauty and actuality. I strive to keep my photos representative of how I envisioned the scene. I am not afraid to use digital post processing, but as long as it does not deter the image from my initial sensory perceptions. I have enclosed some of my landscapes that I feel depict my visions. I have included a link to a flickr slideshow that displays my landscapes.


Over the years I became increasingly aware of the importance of visualization. The ability to anticipate  – to see in the mind’s eye, so to speak – the final print while viewing the subject makes it possible to apply the numerous controls of the craft in precise ways that contribute to achieving the desired result.”  – Ansel Adams











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This week for my Editorial class, I had to come up with a fashion, portrait, and event photographer that I admired or found interesting. I have taken a few screen grabs from the photographers sites so you can have a preview of their work. Click on the image to go to there site.

I will start off with event photography. I found Sal Sessa Photography as a great example of candid event and portrait work. Take a look at the slideshow, the photos are a lot of fun.

Sal Sessa


The next here is portrait photography. I know the photographers personally and had the opportunity to work with Lagow family. Lagow Portrait Design specializes in protraits and weddings, but my favorite is the “Touch of Rockwell” family portraits they do. Using familair scenes to the family, they capture a more candid and natural look of the family.



Finally, I have chosen David Lachapelle as my fashion photographer of choice. Lachapelle has one of the most outrageous and many times controversial collection of fashion photos. Lachapelle uses heavy post processing to create the looks he is going for. Often the scenes are of half naked or naked women with demolition and debris strewn about them. It is qutie outstanding to look at his image simply because they are so unique. Not all of the fashion shoots are so extreme, buth the ones that catch your eye are definately the wild ones. (Be adivsed: his photos can be disturbing)




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Here is my choice of a few photographers I found well known in their fields of editorial photography. The first is a fitness and health photographer. Alex Ardenti is based on the West Coast and has been published on a regular basis with magazines including Oxygen, Reps, and Muscle and Fitness.


Second photographer is a specialist in food photography. His list of clients includes McDonalds, TGIF, and Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Michael Ray is the arguably the best and most definately the most succesful food photographer I could find. All of his shots really will make you hungary.


The third photographer is my personal favorite. Brad Mangin routinely shoots for Sports Illustrated and even has one of his images on the front of an Xbox 360 game. I especially appreciate the photo story he did on Barry Bonds. I get a real sense of emotion or intimacy with his images.




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