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This cloud struck me as worthy of an exposure. Not so much for its aesthetics, but for its thought provoking value. To me, I see a human figure reaching out with one arm, striving for something. What? It is unclear, but obvious it sees something I do not see.

This is sometimes how I view my photography. I am searching, looking, reaching for a certain image. What? I do not know, I do know it is there though. So tonight when I head to Knob Knoster State Park with my friend William, I will search, look, and reach out for that unknown something.


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This evening I was fortunate enough to be able to spend an hour or so in the woods. Somedays thats all I need to make the day great. An hour in the woods.

I walked amongst thick underbrush, flowing fields, and grassy meadows. I would occasionaly sit down in no particular spot, and just watch. Nothing else helps me more than to observe nature. How awesome it is. I watch the birds flutter from tree to tree, trying to get a look at the nuisance on the ground. I gaze upon the open field, absent of all wildlife, but none the less a beautiful site. I then gaze upon these simple yellow flowers. I will only say that the poetry of the earth is better than anyone elses, therefore I will not attempt to compete. I will only encourage the viewer to see their own poetry, look for simple but beautiful moments. They are all around.

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