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Taking photos of landscapes combined with unique cloud formations is something I feel I live for. When I stood out in this field, I was almost jumping with glee. I was in the right spot at the right time. I had the elements(lone tree, water, clouds, and field) to come away with some excellent images. Using a tripod and my CanonĀ 30D, I bracketed each composition. Having the ability to take your hands off the camera and observe from different angles is crucial to my success. Many times I turn my head and look away from the sun and realize, the best shot is behind me. Having the most maneuverablity possible is very important.

I shot this at a friends farm just south of Warrensburg. I embrace the fact that exquisite photos can be taken outĀ almost anyones back door. I have posted numerous shots on my flickr site from last nights trip. Please look at those as well. You can find a link to my flickr at the bottom right of this page.


Turmoil on the Horizon

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