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I recently had the privelage of photographing Jessica, a good friend of mine. Walking the streets with a 5 in 1 reflector, I looked for shade and diffused light. Using the reflector to bounce back light onto the model, really made the images pop. The gold side of the reflector really helped with warming the face and the overall mood of the images. This shoot also was the beginning, of a hopfully long history, with my new EF 70-200mm f/4L IS.

Click here for a slideshow



Equipment Info:

Canon 5D w/ 70-200mm f/4L IS and 5 in 1 reflector

Here are a few of my favorites

 photo by Matthew Taylor





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This week for my Editorial class, I had to come up with a fashion, portrait, and event photographer that I admired or found interesting. I have taken a few screen grabs from the photographers sites so you can have a preview of their work. Click on the image to go to there site.

I will start off with event photography. I found Sal Sessa Photography as a great example of candid event and portrait work. Take a look at the slideshow, the photos are a lot of fun.

Sal Sessa


The next here is portrait photography. I know the photographers personally and had the opportunity to work with Lagow family. Lagow Portrait Design specializes in protraits and weddings, but my favorite is the “Touch of Rockwell” family portraits they do. Using familair scenes to the family, they capture a more candid and natural look of the family.



Finally, I have chosen David Lachapelle as my fashion photographer of choice. Lachapelle has one of the most outrageous and many times controversial collection of fashion photos. Lachapelle uses heavy post processing to create the looks he is going for. Often the scenes are of half naked or naked women with demolition and debris strewn about them. It is qutie outstanding to look at his image simply because they are so unique. Not all of the fashion shoots are so extreme, buth the ones that catch your eye are definately the wild ones. (Be adivsed: his photos can be disturbing)




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