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“One of the joys of having dual passions is that when one does not live up to expectations, you have something else to pursue. In my case photography is that filled void.”

I wrote this on my flickr site as well as uploaded this photo. Due to the compliments of the image I decided to post it here. I really enjoy the images contrast and detail. I felt that this image consists of layers. I take my mind one step foward and think about what lives in those layers, what photos I could get, and how I would take them.

The grass in the foreground must have dozens of grasshoppers, snakes, and frogs that live amongst the area. The rocks are probably where the turtles come out to sun bathe, and the birds land and fish from. The water must hold thousands of fish. Bluegill, crappie, and bass all call this home. I think about how they glide around, all of them having their own nooks to live in and about. I look at the treeline across the lake. I know that deer would be amongst those trees. They are too smart to come down when I am there, but with the blanket of darkness soon to come they grow bold. The sky is full of beauty and creatures. The heron, the mallard, or even the simple sparrow all call the air their home.

Oh how I could spend a day laying there, contemplating all the before mentioned events. I do not have all day to lay there, but I do have all day to contemplate it.

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