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It has been awhile since I last posted, that is because I have been too busy taking photographs. I have so many I would love share, but so little time. Or maybe its that I would rather be photographing. Anyways, if you check out my flickr site you will see I have added a new set labeled “Northern Arkansas”. This set is all photos taken on a client’s property. I am in the process of creating images for her to choose from, for her empty wall space. I am thrilled about the assignment. Capturing the beauty, in literally someones backyard, is exhilarating. I love the challenges it brings, and I especially love the output of awesome images. Check back on the set because I will be adding more as I feel so inclined. It is a privilege to be given the task of capturing God’s beautiful landscapes.

Here is one I took from the clients back porch. Not a bad view huh?


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Walking amongst a green field this weekend just before sunset, I saw this configuration of trees before me. It was so beautiful and peaceful. The air was getting cooler, and the sunlight was getting warmer. I set up my tripod, composed, and exposed this image. I just love the way the light reflects off the leaves and the colors are so vibrant. I believe that the tree on the right gives the image an intriguing value, while the trees to the left solidify the image. It was an awesome moment that my photograph can only attempt to be a model for the feeling in real life.


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