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As my viewers may have noticed, lately I have become enthralled with the philosophy of identity. No particular reason other than the subject matter leads to a myriad of photographic possibilities. So, I have begun a project that documents my day to day materialistic identity. Materialistic I say? Yes…materialistic. Do I consider myself such type of person? No, but I too fall to the trap of it once in awhile. In order to study this enigmatic idea of appearance and identity, I must understand myself. Therefore I will routinely be photographing myself in my own car’s window. It is after all part of ones appearance; the car you drive says a lot about an individual. Well, it supposed to. (according to my theory)

I know, this might be some scatter-brained idea that will not amount to anything. But, if it does than I have accomplished what I set out to do. Plus, I will be using my creative juices all the while. I have enclosed a sample of what I am doing. Usually when I work on a project, I do not show the product until completely finalized. I am showing the beginnings to motivate me, as well as set the standard to improve upon. Keep in mind that these images are not supposed to be, “WOW” or “AWESOME” type images. These are documentation, with the real art being the methodology and output of the philosophy behind the images. I hope this makes some sense. I am experiencing a major high right now and had to get my ideas on paper(???)…okay, on the screen. hmmm Oh, I am “high” on caffeine, so don’t go calling my parents. They are well aware of my addiction and have already enrolled me in CA.(caffeienaholics anonymous) Well, I am off to do something else….Although I haven’t decided what….Maybe I will go skinny dipping in the pool….naw my neighbor might like that too much. teehee Sorry to all those who don’t get it. Trust me, its funny.   


Identity Triptych 1

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From time to time we all must do it. We have to take a step back and look at the image we are portraying.

We stand in the mirror and put on that face of materialization, the cloak of disguise.

We smile and convince ourselves its real. We laugh and hope it sounds sincere.

We pace our steps, not too slow but not too swift. We look around but do not stare.

We must look at ourselves in each reflection. I go beyond this and photograph myself.

Surely I can make an assessment from my images. I need to fit the social norm.

What is the norm I ask. Am I not human just like her? Am I not a male just like him?

Oh the questions raised in this materialistic world. Oh the answers are not really so important.

Only the mirror will tell us the truth about the lies.


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