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Isaac Newton said, “The light rays are not coloured.”

Newton was referring to the perception of color. The human eye does not see color, but the different wavelengths of light which create the sense of color. In other words, our brain calculates what colors we should percieve as well as compute which wavelengths are visible at any given moment. Essentially the light energy striking the retina is what creates our colorful world. Intriguing in-deed.

What did all that just mean? Well, it is a prelude to a much more vast and complicated review of the brain and the correlation with the eye. I have recently come upon some information that has inspired a more in-depth look at the way we see. I was originally exposed to this idea of wavelenghts creating the perception of color when my professor from last semester brought to attention this idea. I will do more research and write more at a later date. Right now, I must study.


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