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Well once again I have been blessed with an awesome experience. It may be a small event, but none the less I love it.

I took the image below for the geometric lines the Lilly pads possessed. Without my knowledge a little minnow made an appearance in the photograph. Do you see him? Well I didn’t until after I uploaded the image onto my computer. I was surprised and delighted! What an added interest factor to the image. Things like that are marvelous to me. I know, its a minnow. But, think for a minute about him looking up at me through the colorful pads and you may see why I enjoy these surprises. I captured a moment of his life hovering along the surface of the water. I wonder what he was thinking about when he noticed I was there. Well before I go off into my own little wonderland, I will conclude. All, I am trying to say is that there are little moments in our days that we pass up and never know occurred. Take time and think about them, or if you are a photographer like myself ,you have the ability to go back and look at the things you missed. Awesome day!



Okay, so as I look at this image I see more minnows that I didn’t see minutes ago. Maybe I need to slow down and observe even more. How many minnows are there really in the photo? My version of “Where’s Waldo”.

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