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A unique and awesome experience came before me tonight. I truly believe I left the woods tonight, a better photographer. Let me explain why.

I began the afternoon with fairly high hopes, but little did I know the evening would be as great as it was. The sky was very unpredictable, with variety of weather. It was windy and rainy, and then just windy. Then the sun would peak out for a minute and everything would come ablaze with radiant energy. I scrambled from one spot to another as if I were a squirrel harvesting nuts. The thing I soon realized was that I was becoming free of obstacles. Everywhere I looked, was a fascinating scene. One way was direct sunlight with vivid clouds, I turn the other way there is a perfect semi-circular rainbow. It was splendid! I took images with ease. I was not intimidated by the beauty. A confession I must make now is; I often feel unworthy or not cut out for the job of capturing the magnificent scenes I witness. Not tonight. I became comfortable with my camera and lens. I used filters without hesitation or confusion. I composed with surprising speed. I am not sure what happened tonight. All I know is that I have never felt so comfortable with capturing nature. Yes, I am always at home when in the outdoors, but tonight I felt confident. I wanted to scream with happiness! I knew before looking at my LCD that I had indeed captured my vision. A compelling phenomena. I absolutely believe I learned more tonight about myself and my equipment than any other journey before today. A bold statement that only my future images can attest to. I have chosen three photos that I feel tell the story of my evening. Maybe some other night, I will go into detail about the actual journey I went on tonight. I leave by saying that God has blessed me with the most magnificent blessing. That blessing is sight. An overpowering and remarkable sense, that is dominant over the other senses the human body possesses.

On my knees behind my tripod and camera, I prayed a prayer of thanks. The shutter closed, my eyes opened, and I blew a kiss goodnight to the glory before me.



On the Hill


Kiss Goodbye


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I apologize for the delay in output of images. I have had a busy and at times stressful weekend and therefore had to prioritize. I now will upload a few images that were taken this weekend. The colors are great and the weather was great, no need to say more.

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Life goes whizzing by,

I am afraid I can’t comply.

The road is seen,

but is it known?

I will find the end,

It is only a matter of when.


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Do you ever get that feeling to just step up the pace and GO? Well I occasionally do, and do not quite understand why but it is fun. What am I running from? Or am I running towards something? It could become a psychological metaphor for something else: I have some inner demon or something I am running from. I don’t think thats what it is. Maybe as the great Forrest Gump said, “I just felt like running.”


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Well, I am stuck in the painting mode right now. Hope you enjoy another interpretation of photography painting.


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Oh the beauty, oh the beauty of the evening sun.

I am in awe, I am truly awestruck.

I must stop, I must stop and absorb the beauty.

I gaze on, I gaze at the heavenly rays.

How could one drive by, drive by this amazing occurence.

Occurence? Yes, the clouds and the sun juxtaposed into one harmonious element.

I love it, I live for this.

I am alive, I am blessed with sight.

Be happy I say, be happy for the sights before us.


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This evening I was fortunate enough to be able to spend an hour or so in the woods. Somedays thats all I need to make the day great. An hour in the woods.

I walked amongst thick underbrush, flowing fields, and grassy meadows. I would occasionaly sit down in no particular spot, and just watch. Nothing else helps me more than to observe nature. How awesome it is. I watch the birds flutter from tree to tree, trying to get a look at the nuisance on the ground. I gaze upon the open field, absent of all wildlife, but none the less a beautiful site. I then gaze upon these simple yellow flowers. I will only say that the poetry of the earth is better than anyone elses, therefore I will not attempt to compete. I will only encourage the viewer to see their own poetry, look for simple but beautiful moments. They are all around.

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