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From time to time we all must do it. We have to take a step back and look at the image we are portraying.

We stand in the mirror and put on that face of materialization, the cloak of disguise.

We smile and convince ourselves its real. We laugh and hope it sounds sincere.

We pace our steps, not too slow but not too swift. We look around but do not stare.

We must look at ourselves in each reflection. I go beyond this and photograph myself.

Surely I can make an assessment from my images. I need to fit the social norm.

What is the norm I ask. Am I not human just like her? Am I not a male just like him?

Oh the questions raised in this materialistic world. Oh the answers are not really so important.

Only the mirror will tell us the truth about the lies.


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Walking back from taking the previous uploaded images, I came about this leaf. Call it a serendipitous moment. This leaf was precariously hanging by the reminents of a spider web. It was intriguing. I think to myself: its fall, this leaf just fell, prolonging its journey to the earth, and the reminents of a spider web is all that is left in its way. The seasons are changing and the leaves will soon be brown and the spider webs nonexistent, but I captured this moment. The leaf is on its own, the frost shortening its last breaths.


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Even when not wetting a line in the North Fork, that is where I am. If it isn’t the river, its the woods bordering it. It is my sanctuary, my home, and my place of solitude. Nothing can get me when I am on the river or in the woods. Only the animals that frequent the woods will sense my presence. If I am lucky, not even they will recognize me. I want to be forgotten. Motionless, slowly breathing I will become a tree, become a rock in the river, or simply become nature itself.

I do my best to blend in, it is a pitiful atempt in all reality. I am not apart of nature. The Earth has become a sanctuary for humans and not so much for the creatures that originally were here.    “I know I am intruding but please let me stay”, I cry. They reject me at first. I am an intrusion. I don’t belong here. “Please, I want to stay”, I say again. “I will be quiet, I won’t even move from this tree”, I reassure them. Shhhh…..Don’t move, they are accepting me. They are curious, just like myself.

I once was a part of nature. Mankind was a part of nature. Relying on the land, self-suffiecent, respecting the earth they stood on. Where is that today? When do you stop and look at a leaf, think about the veins of life running throught it just like yourself, and appreciate the beauty in it. Simplicity. A word commonly ignored today. Well, tomorrow I head to simplicity. I will walk amongst the trees, walk along the rocky river bottom, and I will be where I should be. It is my life. Nature is the blood that runs through my veins.


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I have often said that the best photo opportunities are after a storm. Well today I proved myself right once again. The last two days hear in Warrensburg have been gloomy and somewhat chilly. Since I adamantlywatch the weather, I was prepared for this evenings clearing of the clouds. Around 5:30 I stepped outside of a school building and noticed a spot of blue through the clouds. I knew then, that the clouds were on their way out. I hustled to my car and drove to the near by park, Peartle Springs. I would have driven to my favorite spot, Knob Knoster State Park but I didn’t have the time. I quickly picked a spot to park and grabbed my tripod and bag and headed to the dam of one of the lakes at Peartle Springs. I was a little discouraged at first, the cloud cover was thick again. None the less I composed images, looking for intriguing lines and subjects. I got to test out my new lens I bought recently. Its an Olympus 28mm f/2.8 manual focus. If you are wondering how I used an Olympus lens on a Canon digital SLR, well you need to read this.  https://naturallycomposed.wordpress.com/mixing-the-old-with-the-new/   I like the manual functions for the reason that i have to think more about making my image. With auto focus, it is easy to never manually adjust your settings and hurry through the process of “making a photograph” as Ansel Adams would say.

Well, my patience payed off and I soon could see that the clouds were moving tremendously fast across the sky and that bright light was following it. I prepared for the burst of light that would soon expose itself. I knew it may only last a minute or maybe even less. I looked through my viewfinder, composing and exposing.  I saw how the Lilly pads created a diagonal line through my photo, leading the viewer on a journey through the water. I saw that the clouds were reflecting very nicely in the foreground. I watched and waited for the lower clouds to give way to the bright sky above….Waiting….Waiting….THERE! I pressed the shutter button and in a blink of an eye, the moment was captured. I knew it was the image I was waiting for.

The clouds soon covered the land again and the light faded. I was not discouraged. I had captured some good images and captured at least a few images that I would consider above the level of good. I am satisfied. I am tired. I have a mental image in my head, and an actual image on my screen. The day was a success.


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Well once again I have been blessed with an awesome experience. It may be a small event, but none the less I love it.

I took the image below for the geometric lines the Lilly pads possessed. Without my knowledge a little minnow made an appearance in the photograph. Do you see him? Well I didn’t until after I uploaded the image onto my computer. I was surprised and delighted! What an added interest factor to the image. Things like that are marvelous to me. I know, its a minnow. But, think for a minute about him looking up at me through the colorful pads and you may see why I enjoy these surprises. I captured a moment of his life hovering along the surface of the water. I wonder what he was thinking about when he noticed I was there. Well before I go off into my own little wonderland, I will conclude. All, I am trying to say is that there are little moments in our days that we pass up and never know occurred. Take time and think about them, or if you are a photographer like myself ,you have the ability to go back and look at the things you missed. Awesome day!



Okay, so as I look at this image I see more minnows that I didn’t see minutes ago. Maybe I need to slow down and observe even more. How many minnows are there really in the photo? My version of “Where’s Waldo”.

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Oh the day when I would sit under a tree and close my eyes, not a care in the world.

Oh the days when I would run all day and not get tired.

Oh the days when the fish always bit, and there was always water to fish.

Oh the days when I would run through neighbors yards and they would smile.

Oh the days when I could hold my breath forever, observing the ways of the fish.

Oh the days when summer would never end, and when it did, the snow was always above the knees.

Oh the days when I could watch the squirrels jump from limb to limb.

Oh the days when I wished I could fly, and believed it could happen.

Oh the days, how there is never one alike. I only wish for one of those days: everyday. 


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This cloud struck me as worthy of an exposure. Not so much for its aesthetics, but for its thought provoking value. To me, I see a human figure reaching out with one arm, striving for something. What? It is unclear, but obvious it sees something I do not see.

This is sometimes how I view my photography. I am searching, looking, reaching for a certain image. What? I do not know, I do know it is there though. So tonight when I head to Knob Knoster State Park with my friend William, I will search, look, and reach out for that unknown something.


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