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In no particular order is a collection of my best work from the spring semester. I hope you enjoy and check out my slide show on flickr for more images.



Ice Crystal Sunrise by you.

Pierced Halo by you.

The Old Forest by you.

Climax by you.

As the Sun sets, the remaining light graces the prairie with a fantastic show of golden light. by you.

Farm Creek Bliss Pano by you.

Turmoil on the Horizon by you.

Cool Colors by you.

Loess Hills Barn by you.

Looking Up at the Future by you.

First night of star trails by you.

Goodbye Colorado by you.

Sky Jack by you.

No Contest by you.

On the Edge by you.

Central Missouri Speedway by you.

Missouri Trust Company: Sedalia, MO by you.

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We are but leaves.

Beautiful but none the less facing death.

We will fall, and turn to only a reflection of the past.

There are too many to see all of them,

We will only notice the familiar ones around us.

We turn to new leaves, hoping that they may prosper.

We can not help, hope is all we have to offer.


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Life goes whizzing by,

I am afraid I can’t comply.

The road is seen,

but is it known?

I will find the end,

It is only a matter of when.


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Oh the day when I would sit under a tree and close my eyes, not a care in the world.

Oh the days when I would run all day and not get tired.

Oh the days when the fish always bit, and there was always water to fish.

Oh the days when I would run through neighbors yards and they would smile.

Oh the days when I could hold my breath forever, observing the ways of the fish.

Oh the days when summer would never end, and when it did, the snow was always above the knees.

Oh the days when I could watch the squirrels jump from limb to limb.

Oh the days when I wished I could fly, and believed it could happen.

Oh the days, how there is never one alike. I only wish for one of those days: everyday. 


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Oh what a beautiful evening it was at Knob Knoster State Park. I am so glad I got myself up from my computer and decided to go for a little photo expedition. Not that it’s too hard, but with gas the way it is, I must weigh my choices. Photography won hands down.

I only had an hour so I went straight to my ole’ faitful spot. I knew the cloud cover was just heavy enough to keep the sensor from easily being overexposed. I also knew the clouds would make for an interesting part of my composition. I wanted to focus again on my pre-visualization skills as Ansel always did. I knew that I needed more than a horizon and sun photo, I wanted to push my own personal envelope.

I walked around the dam of the lake, looking for intriguing subjects. I took some of the horizon, which I will most likely upload at a later time. I was nearing a treeline that borders the lake when I noticed the sunlight became increasingly more intense. The sun was peeking out from the cloud cover! I had to work fast. I knew from previous experiences that light like this does not last long. The color range in the clouds was an awesome background, the lake a spectacular reflector. You can see the wispy clouds in both the sky and the lake. Amazing! I quickly composed what I felt would be an impacting image. I stooped closer to the water with my tripod, I wanted foreground detail. Being that the light was so harsh, I actually used a fill flash in order to retain detail in the foreground. Good thinking right? I thought so. This image was about the only one I was able to make in the less than a minute of spotlighted sunlight. I feel it did a good job of showing the warm evening light.

I shot numerous shots tonight, but this powerful image was my favorite. I only hope that I can convey that power in my images, so that my viewers can feel like they were there with me. I wish all could experience nights like this. Feeling the warmth fade with the sun, seeing the tones of the sky go from blue to orange and then back to a blueish violet, I sit there. I contemplate what my eyes just captured, what my heart felt, and what I can’t wait to share with my viewers. I know its another night that will be thought of on the nights I must study, do homework, or just don’t get out in time. Night is here, the owls are telling me so. The mosquitos are buzzing something in my ear, I am not sticking around to know what they are saying.  I walk back to my car satisfied, feeling many emotions. I know this was a great night, if it were my last, my photos would attest to what I felt. A photograph is in deed worth a thousand words.

Good night for now, I return tomorrow to the Ozarks to fish. Stay tuned.


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Where does the road lead to? I must know.

When the time comes, will I be ready to go?


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Oh the beauty, oh the beauty of the evening sun.

I am in awe, I am truly awestruck.

I must stop, I must stop and absorb the beauty.

I gaze on, I gaze at the heavenly rays.

How could one drive by, drive by this amazing occurence.

Occurence? Yes, the clouds and the sun juxtaposed into one harmonious element.

I love it, I live for this.

I am alive, I am blessed with sight.

Be happy I say, be happy for the sights before us.


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This evening I was fortunate enough to be able to spend an hour or so in the woods. Somedays thats all I need to make the day great. An hour in the woods.

I walked amongst thick underbrush, flowing fields, and grassy meadows. I would occasionaly sit down in no particular spot, and just watch. Nothing else helps me more than to observe nature. How awesome it is. I watch the birds flutter from tree to tree, trying to get a look at the nuisance on the ground. I gaze upon the open field, absent of all wildlife, but none the less a beautiful site. I then gaze upon these simple yellow flowers. I will only say that the poetry of the earth is better than anyone elses, therefore I will not attempt to compete. I will only encourage the viewer to see their own poetry, look for simple but beautiful moments. They are all around.

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