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I had my friend Theresa up for the day. She only gets to fish once a year and that is with me, so I guess I should feel privelaged.  Anyways, the fishing conditions started off great. A little drizzle and nice cloud cover. Well, I was surprised that the fishing wasn’t better considering this. She was using a stonefly pattern and nymphing like we always do. Unfortunately, the fish were not fooled very much. Besides a nice Rainbow at the upper part of the float, the fishing was not good. I did see numerous nice fish. Meaning, over 20″ Browns. I think they are beginning to stage for spawning. Maybe that was it. Well next time will be better. I am looking foward to some cooler weather and maybe some snow. I know that sounds crazy but if you havn’t seen the river with snow, you are not going to understand.

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Well, I had a wonderful weekend at my home. I was able to meet two servicemen that have recently served in Iraq. Both have sacrificed a lot for their country, and should be recognized for this. It was my privelage to guide them on the river as a part of Project Healing Waters, an organization devoted to helping servicemen and women thru their injuries and or experiences by means of teaching them to fly fish. Eventhough I have never been in the military, I believe the river and fly fishing has helped me in many ways as well. It jus seems to be a good activity that gets your mind concentrated on something that is so peaceful and beautiful.

Now to the actual fishing report. We were fishing the North Fork of the White. The day was mostly cloudy and at times, threatening rain. It was in the high 70s air temp, and probably around 65 degrees water temp. The fly that caught all the fish was a rubber legged stonefly pattern. Nymphing was the tactic, with at least one B split shot. The fish were not really aggressive but the fishing was okay, you just had to be very precise on your mending and placement. Both of the guys were able to catch a 16 inch fish: one Rainbow and one Brown. Overall a slower fishing day than I would have liked, but I believe that both men came away with a better appreciation and understanding of fly fishing.

I will be posting more on Project Healing Waters and how it has affected the servicemen as well as myself. I just havn’t come up with the right words yet. I can say that it is inspiring and humbling to hear the first hand accounts of the soldiers fighting the War Against Terror. They must always be in our prayers. 


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