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I had my friend Theresa up for the day. She only gets to fish once a year and that is with me, so I guess I should feel privelaged.  Anyways, the fishing conditions started off great. A little drizzle and nice cloud cover. Well, I was surprised that the fishing wasn’t better considering this. She was using a stonefly pattern and nymphing like we always do. Unfortunately, the fish were not fooled very much. Besides a nice Rainbow at the upper part of the float, the fishing was not good. I did see numerous nice fish. Meaning, over 20″ Browns. I think they are beginning to stage for spawning. Maybe that was it. Well next time will be better. I am looking foward to some cooler weather and maybe some snow. I know that sounds crazy but if you havn’t seen the river with snow, you are not going to understand.

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