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A good weekend it was indeed. I am beginning to think that driving back to school is not very much fun when I have a home where I do. With a river flowing steadily, only a stones throw from my bedroom, I crave more and more to be on the river everyday.

All is well at the home. There was some excitement in knowing that there was a Mountain Lion spotted just last Sunday, about a mile from my home. Coincidently, the property it was spotted on is the same property I will along with my family will be hunting all this fall. Who knows, maybe I will have my camera with me when I am blessed with seeing it. Or maybe it will see me and I will never be aware of it’s presence. That is probably more likely.

I enjoyed some good fellowship with a¬†fellow fly fsherman this weekend. Kevin Kurz from K&K Flyfishers in KC, MO came down to fish for the weekend. Unfortuanately I had previous commitments and was not able to fish with him. He did report that the fish were very healthy and the average size was much larger than in previous years. This goes along with my experiences as well. Kevin did land and release a MONSTER Brown this weekend. I saw the photos and can vouch for the estimate of appx. 28 inches. Now this is way above the average and a definate trophey. He caught it on a stonefly pattern that has been working tremendously well this year. Now the other part of the story that I will never let him live down is the fact that he tipped his kick boat in the process of landing the fish. I will not even try to attempt and retell the story, due to the fact that it wouldn’t do it justice coming from me. But trust me, this is quite the feat. haha I am attempting to scavange up some of the photos from the event. I will keep you posted.

We felt the aftermath of Hurricane Ike this morning. Actually, I slept thru it. I was told it was bad and woke everyone up(except for me). Anyways, it made for spectacular clouds today. The sun began to shine and made it a beautiful but windy day. This evening I captured the above image while driving on Hwy. 13. I love stormy clouds. If you read my book that I recently produced, you wll read in there as well that my favorite scenes are those after storms. Well, I must end here for right now. It is getting late, I am waking before daybreak to workout. Ugh.


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