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Having not posted in awhile, I figured it was time for some new stuff. Something maybe out of the ordinary. I have enclosed a collection of examples of my new favorite digital post processing technique: sepia.

The use of sepia has become more of a genre idea instead of the commonality it use to serve. Many say that sepia gives photos a sense of elegance or artistic quality. I found one website that regarded sepia as the tonality that makes everyday scenes into art. Well, I am all about taking ordinary scenes and turning them into art. I do go a step further and capture scenes that are common, but not ordinary. They are not ordinary because most people do not take the time to see them.

I hope you enjoy these images. I usually shy away fromĀ  extensive photo post processing, but I feel that I was not excessive. In order to enjoy some artwork, you must first put aside preconcieved ideas on how something should look.


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