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I have often said that the best photo opportunities are after a storm. Well today I proved myself right once again. The last two days hear in Warrensburg have been gloomy and somewhat chilly. Since I adamantlywatch the weather, I was prepared for this evenings clearing of the clouds. Around 5:30 I stepped outside of a school building and noticed a spot of blue through the clouds. I knew then, that the clouds were on their way out. I hustled to my car and drove to the near by park, Peartle Springs. I would have driven to my favorite spot, Knob Knoster State Park but I didn’t have the time. I quickly picked a spot to park and grabbed my tripod and bag and headed to the dam of one of the lakes at Peartle Springs. I was a little discouraged at first, the cloud cover was thick again. None the less I composed images, looking for intriguing lines and subjects. I got to test out my new lens I bought recently. Its an Olympus 28mm f/2.8 manual focus. If you are wondering how I used an Olympus lens on a Canon digital SLR, well you need to read this.  https://naturallycomposed.wordpress.com/mixing-the-old-with-the-new/   I like the manual functions for the reason that i have to think more about making my image. With auto focus, it is easy to never manually adjust your settings and hurry through the process of “making a photograph” as Ansel Adams would say.

Well, my patience payed off and I soon could see that the clouds were moving tremendously fast across the sky and that bright light was following it. I prepared for the burst of light that would soon expose itself. I knew it may only last a minute or maybe even less. I looked through my viewfinder, composing and exposing.  I saw how the Lilly pads created a diagonal line through my photo, leading the viewer on a journey through the water. I saw that the clouds were reflecting very nicely in the foreground. I watched and waited for the lower clouds to give way to the bright sky above….Waiting….Waiting….THERE! I pressed the shutter button and in a blink of an eye, the moment was captured. I knew it was the image I was waiting for.

The clouds soon covered the land again and the light faded. I was not discouraged. I had captured some good images and captured at least a few images that I would consider above the level of good. I am satisfied. I am tired. I have a mental image in my head, and an actual image on my screen. The day was a success.


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