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I have recently been researching Ansel Adams’ photography and philosophy. It was interesting to learn that his photographs were almost all pre-visualized. He believed that you should take into consideration composition, color, tones, and detail all before exposing the film. He created the piece in his head and then on the film. One of his famous quotes was, “You do not take a photograph, you make it.” How true! You must visualize what you want in order to achieve your goal. I have tried to take this approach with my photography and do so more now that I see how it worked out for Ansel. You make the photograph. You reconstruct nature to what you see. Nature in itself is not art in technical terms, but the reorganization of elements in nature is art.

This image is one that I captured while fishing near Kansas City. How simple but so refined. I reconstructed the scene to evoke a sense of calm and subtle geometry. The blue gives you a smooth and easy retinal stimulation, while the individual stems give the image a sense of solidity. Only the necessary went into the image. No more, no less. Maybe a weak example of the previous paragraphs topic. None the less, it was my reconstruction. What would you have done?


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