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Goose TriptychHaving felt some flu like symptoms, I decided to get my mind off of it by taking some photographs. I am glad I did because it was a very productive night. I went to the local lakes on the edge of town and began searching. At first I was wondering if the clouds wouldn’t overcome the sun and it would turn into an overcast sunset. To my joy, the sun overcame the clouds to create a miraculous sunset. I always say that the best sunsets are those followed by storms or clouds. I was right. Well, I went to another lake after a few landscape shots and found the good stuff. Dozens of Canadian Geese were circling and landing on what is called Lion’s Lake. It was spectacular to see them fly with the wind, cup their wings, face into the wind, and gently glide to the water. Due to the low light conditions, I was forced to use long exposures. I knew what the outcome would be; impressionistic and painterly like photos. I loved it! The geese were very nervous with me there and began taking off shortly after landing. I never chased them to fly, they naturally and freely fled the area. With the fleeing geese came great sunset shots. I began composing some simple landscapes and then I created one panorama. I may share that on another day. I must go now, even though I am just getting warmed up. I must finish a few homework assignments before going to sleep. Have a great weekend.


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