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I took some images on Sunday that are somewhat unique but seem to contain artistic value. I hope you find pleasure in viewing them. Here is what I did.

I was in the passenger seat of a vehicle with my Canon 5D and was thinking about how I could make an overcast day exciting. I have done a hundred shots from my car, but they all have looked the same. You have a road with streaking lines and maybe some lights from cars in the image. A pretty typical shot. Well, I mixed things up a little by panning horizontally with objects alongside the road. Slowing the shutter enough to capture motion, but just short enough to contain some sort of sharpnes. I really enjoy the emotion of these images and I hope they stimulate some sort response from you too.

I am off to Kansas City with my buddy William now. I have some real cool ideas that will hopfully turn out how I imagine them. I believe we will be hitting the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, but probably won’t even go inside. The architecture around the museum is outstanding! I highly recommend a visit there. I am thinking we will have to get under some lit up buildings and shoot the lights at night. Be ready for some HDR madness!!! 


Blurred Triptych

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It has been awhile since I last posted, that is because I have been too busy taking photographs. I have so many I would love share, but so little time. Or maybe its that I would rather be photographing. Anyways, if you check out my flickr site you will see I have added a new set labeled “Northern Arkansas”. This set is all photos taken on a client’s property. I am in the process of creating images for her to choose from, for her empty wall space. I am thrilled about the assignment. Capturing the beauty, in literally someones backyard, is exhilarating. I love the challenges it brings, and I especially love the output of awesome images. Check back on the set because I will be adding more as I feel so inclined. It is a privilege to be given the task of capturing God’s beautiful landscapes.

Here is one I took from the clients back porch. Not a bad view huh?


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