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I often ask my self this question and not always do I get an answer. But, somedays I feel I do have a moment of clarity. Right now I am feeling like it is my release. I have this tendency to block out all other things than what I am photographing. People around me like to call it “Photography Mode”. I believe that is sufficient. My question is what makes me go into Photography Mode. Well, I guess its because its peaceful for one. Walking in a field at sunset, the breeze slowly blowing, animals scurrying, and the clouds opening to a radiant sun are all good reasons. That definately is peaceful. Maybe its the fact that I can share what my eye saw. I love this; being able to successfully capture the landscape in front of you is tremendously challenging but especially rewarding. Maybe its the fact that photography is an artform of which you create the art from pre-existing elements. Unlike painting, the photographer must use only what is natural and present before him. I enjoy this concept and frequently ponder it. A landscape is seen differently to all who view it, but the amazing thing is that the landscape does not change.

Well, I guess I still haven’t decided exactly what one thing photography is. Honestly I hope I never do. Exploring and discovering is what it is all about, I only hope that I am only at the beginning of the adventure.

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Here is my first photo on WordPress. This photo is one I took earlier this year when the wildflowers were in full bloom. I used a longer exposure in order to give the flowers a more impressionistic look. I processed this image twice in Photoshop in order to show the detail in the clouds as well as in the foreground.

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Hello world!

THis is my first post. I hope to use this blog as a way to communicate and inform everyone of my photography. I hope to announce new book, calenders, and photos that I have out. I also will upload images as often as I am able and talk about them to better the viewers understanding of them. I really am excited to begin this blog. I hope that I may recieve feedback on anyones thoguths about it.

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