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Here is a quick selection from Colorado. Here is a link to the slideshow that shows the rest of my images. Enjoy.





Dream Lake Panorama by you.

Unrelenting by you.

Specular Light by you.

Black and White Panorama by you.

Black and White Panorama by you.


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I am in Colorado for the week and spending as much time photographing as possible. I apologize for not updating my blog but I am literally too busy making images to spend much time on the laptop. Plus my laptop is not the best for batch processing and uploading. I assure you that I will post more once I get back next week. Until then, check out my flickr. You can see my newest photos to the right of this page. Enjoy and have a good week.


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Here is a quick example of on location Q-flash taken in my Editorial Class.





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This week for Creative Photography, we had to shoot panoramic images. I have been doing panos for awhile now and continue to love them. I sometimes think back and wish I had done more in a particular area. Not only do yo uget a wider field of view, but you also get a huge file with tons of detail. My Canon 5D has opened up my abilites even more in regards to quality.

My technique for panoramas varues depending on the situation. I try and shoot vertically which allows for higher resolution, but this is not always the case. I find that I line the images more level when hand holding than I do when using my tripod. There is an apparatus that is specifically used for making panos, but it is very specialized and expensive. I of course shoot RAW, and the lowest ISO that is acceptable.

The images below are a mixture of all the above mentioned techniques. Hope you enjoy!



UCM Stadium

The Old Forest

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For my sports assignment I went to Joplin Missouri to watch the Lions play some hoops. It was interesting to watch because they were wearing pink in order to bring attention ot breast cancer. It was a good game with many good images made. Here are some of the best, as well as a slideshow.






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I have chosen my collection of street photography for my Creative Photography Class. Street photography has been around for ages, but for me to do it was creative. I try and catch the viewer somewhere between them oblivious and knowing I’m taking a photo. (I learned this from a photographer and can’t remember their name currently.)

Hope you enjoy.

Here is a slideshow of more street photography.













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